What is the Purpose of Alaska Bible

This website is geared around a Zoom Bible study that is produced every two weeks. Its purpose is to provide a point of contact for the study group that includes study material for the upcoming Bible study, Zoom link, facilitator, resources, etc.  

What Topics Does the Group study?

There are two primary areas of study: Bible prophecy as it relates to the closing events of earth’s history, and how to obtain the character that fully reflects the character of Jesus. 

What is our Religious Affiliation?

We have no official denominational support or endorsement, but align with the Historic Seventh day Adventist church in our beliefs. We believe in the old paths of Jeremiah 6:16.

Who is Invited to Join?

Anyone who has a sincere desire to study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, and who see themselves as not ready for the soon return of Jesus Christ to this earth. We are particularly interested to communicate with ex-Adventists.