Welcome to our Bible Study!

If you are interested to know what what Daniel and Revelation have to say about the times we are living in, you’ve come to the right place! We, along with many others are interested too! Please feel free to join in and ask questions, and to contribute to the study.

We are studying these books through the lens of historic Adventism, which include the use of Miller’s Rules of Interpretation, the King James Version of the Bible, the old view of the Daily as Paganism, and the Spirit of Prophecy as given through Mrs. EG White. To gain a better understanding of obscure words we also employ Webster’s 1828 dictionary.

This website is a point of contact for those who are interested in a serious study, and who long to have the character of Christ formed within. There is a special class of people described in the Bible that we are specifically wanting to engage in our study. These people can be found in the account of Jacob’s sheep, and David’s men.

Who are These People?

There are two classes of sheep identified in the account of Jacob–There are white sheep, and there are sheep that are brown, spotted, and grisled. We are not interested in the white sheep. In other words, the white sheep represent a class who only portray themselves as white, but the reality is that they are either legalistic or self righteous. The other class recognize that they are not white, and realize that their characters are brown, spotted and grisled. 

The same group is portrayed with the type of men who were attracted to David and his group. They are described as discontented, distressed, and in debt. This applies to them in a spiritual way: They are not content with their present spiritual condition, they are distressed that their characters do not fully resemble the character of Christ, and those who are carrying the heavy debt of trying to keep the law, but  never able to meet its standard.